Die Haie von Lagos

No. 3


16 JUL 2003 – 01 AUG 2003


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16 JUL 2003

From Mrs. Jewel Taylor

The wife of President of Liberia

Dear Friend,


I am JEWEL TAYLOR, the wife of CHARLES TAYLOR the President of Liberia who has been indited by the war Crime tribuna. If you have been following the trend of events about Liberian war on CNN News, you will be informed regarding the Rebel attacks that was trying to take over the Leadership of the Country from my husband.

Dear friend, indeed your assistance in receiving some money for safe keeping in case of any eventuality since my husband has been indited and planing to taking asylum if he step down if a peace keeping force is drafted to Liberia. Your kind and urgent cooperation in this subject matter will be highly appreciated for our mutual benefits. Since we have not meet in person but any transaction based on trust and honesty can work.

The amount is $5.2 million is presently with a Security company Abroad. All that I need to do, is for me to instruct the Security company to release the funds to you, since the money is deposited on my name, as soon as you respond your willingness to honestly cooperate. All the legal document relating to the $5,200,000 .00 deposit will be release to enable you receive the fund. Please note that you are going to compensated with 20%. of the total cash at the end of the noble project.

Be Inform that my husband is not aware of my plans yet, for the fact that any thing can happen to him if his no more in power, hence i used the golden opportunity available now has the first Lady to keep this cash abroad funds future care and investment for my children. You have to be highly confidential. For confidentiality sake, our communication should be strictly via mail, alternatively you can live a voice message on the international roaming number and with your Telephone Nos. 1 206 202 5039. .

Best Regards

Your's Faithfully


17 JUL 2003

Your excellency,

let me at first assure you, that I will keep this matter as a secret to your husband, as you have requested.
But what will happen, when he realizes, that you have betrayed him?
What, if he finds out, that I have helped you?
Won't he kill me?
I am not prepared to die for meager 20% of meager $5,200,000.00, so you better should look for an other person to help you.

Erich Nigma